Want to put on a game?

This hobby encompasses a bewildering variety of games, eras, scales, and rules.  It is impossible to do everything at once!  I'm sure we all have our preferences, and would hope that we are all willing to give everyone a chance to play something they would like.  While many of us are primarily miniature enthusiasts, we enjoy boardgames too.

But if anyone feels that the games being played so far don't turn their particular crank, then the remedy is to organize something that does! Being proactive never hurts.

Everyone is encouraged to bring forward ideas for future gaming days.  If there is a period/ rule set you would like to try out or a board game you would like to play, by all means say so.  If you can get at least one other person willing to give it a go, then it's on!

New ideas are always welcome, and if anyone is prepared to host a game, supply the rules and organize assembling enough miniatures for it, that would be great.  

Just a few things to keep in mind;
  • Try to let Giovanni know your plan well in advance.  This gives us time to publicize your game here on the blog, and to possibly attract more players.  And if we should have to book a larger room, the earlier we know that the better chance Giovanni has of obtaining one.
  • Be prepared to help coach players through unfamiliar rule sets.  This may mean umpiring rather than playing, at least initially!  Your investment in trying to make the game a fun experience for all will help insure that players will want to come back for more.
  • Bring all the equipment- dice, tape measures, etc.- that may be needed, as there are never enough of these to go around. 
  • If you need terrain- hills, buildings, and so on- and already have too much to carry with you, contact Robert or Giovanni well in advance- we may be able to supply these for you.
  • Finally-  not that any of this is ever likely to happen, with any of the fine people here!-  it is a matter of just common courtesy that if any of us agrees to turn up and host/ attend a game, then we should do so!   Emergencies happen, of course- shoganai.  But it is very bad form to just not show up without any notification, and to leave others in the lurch.  If any of us have agreed to take part in a game, and for some reason or another can't make it,  it is best to let people know as much in advance as possible.  Many are travelling a considerable distance to get here in anticipation of a game.  Of course, a no-show without letting others know also pretty much guarantees that people would find other things to play the next time the offender suggests a game!  
 Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

-The West Tokyo Wargamers