Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Dear All,

Again it has been a while, it seems to be always a while, I guess I should blog more, but life always gets in the way.

So there are a few things to report and I thought I would share them with you all.

Pete seems to be a little better, I spoke with his wife and she told me he can now breath by himself, although the situation is still very serious, please let's put our thoughts together and wish Pete a speedy recovery.

As on the hobby front the great news is that we are going to go to a large wargaming event hosted by the Atsugi US Navy Base. It is going to be a big event that we would like to grow into something nice and special, with the intent of gathering war-gamers from all over the islands.

Here is the leaflet in all its glory and it mentions our Black Powder game!

As the West Tokyo War-gamers we will put up a demo/participation game of Black Powder using our huge collections of figures. We still have to plan on a scenario and what sort of terrain we want to carry, but we have a rough idea of what we are going to do.

Hopefully we will be able to recruit more people and have larger and larger games!

Last Saturday we played an awesome game of Black Powder where my Bavarian regiment proved its worth and frontally attacked, routed and destroyed a battery of British artillery! Good Job Mein Herren.

The Grenadiers!
Fortunately I am not so busy at work right now, that means I can paint more, in fact I just finished dipping my first battalion of line infantry of the Kingdom of Italy. I am slowly retouching the colours now and soon I should start with the second!

In the mean time as 4 battalions are not enough to paint, I allowed myself to order more french infantry from Victrix and from warlord games, they will be turned into Kingdom of Italy troops and one of the battalions will become "La legion Piedmontese".

I always seem to be finding something to do with Piedmont (where I come from), they have a peculiar brown uniform! really cool.

Definitely a non Piedmontese thing, but never the less a great character from the Masters of the Universe
Anyway too much bla bla bla, keep free for the 21st of September and join us at the Atsugi event.

In case you decide to participate, please let me know in advance as you will be required to fill in a form to get permission to enter the base.

talk soon