Monday, November 8, 2010

November 14th Games Day

Hi Everyone,

we are going to have a games Day on the 14th in a large room!

Anyone is invited, if you plan any big games, please mail us, or post a comment on this blog.

warm your dies.


  1. Hi,
    After a long hunt on the net I´ve found a Japanese based Wargaming club. My reason for the search was a question from a fellow modeller as to wether there are any Model /wargaming suppliers based in now I shall ask...are there or do you all import yout WWII stuff?
    The WWII wargame looks great...the buildings!!!

  2. Hi, Paul

    For WW2, we can get a lot of the stuff locally at model and hobby shops (Hobby Link Japan is a great source).

    As far as Warhammer 40K stuff is concerned, Games Workshop has stores in Japan as well.

    For WW2 metal models and some of the plastic models, we are pretty well dependant on mail order, as is the case with metal historical miniatures in general.

    Most of my Soviets from a variety of manufactures- I bought a lot with me when I came here and padded out the collection through mail order.

    The good thing is that the customs here has a pretty high threshold on order values before duty kicks in, which mitigates the price of postage somewhat.

    Glad you liked the pics- we were all drooling over those buildings, trust me!

  3. Hi Robert.
    How big is wargaming /modelmaking in Japan ?
    I know that there is a big interest in Robot type models and Fantasy ones...the Big eyed girls etc, but historical modelling, for example yours is the first site that I have found.

    PS; Who made the buildings? My congratulations to him/her

  4. I'll throw my two yen in.

    In Japan the problem is not the miniature aspect of wargaming but ... the gaming aspect. there are tons of stores that sell 1/35 historicals(better for non gaming modelling), ships, model railroads,and all the acutrements. But the hobby of building an army with those miniatures, or playing a game with those miniatures is probably very rare. Then again to gauge the level of the hobby in Japan you really have to search in Japanese. For instance this is a store that sells miniatures mostly in Japanese:

    I'm actually really curious as to what I will be able to find on mixi (Japan's facebook). Maybe there are a lot of people who do gaming to some degree but it just hasn't been exploited yet by the more english style gamers like we have at West Tokyo Wargamers.
    also check out pictures from wonder festival if you can find any, it is a modelling convention, but it is centered around the Japanese style modelmaking. other that that is looks just like a historicon, or gen con!