Thursday, October 6, 2011

Confirmed Games: November 13th (Sun) & Dec 3rd (SATURDAY)

Hi All,

it has been a while since the last post, but the activities of the club have not stopped, we had 2 fantastic events and hopefully soon we might have some pictures.

On the 22nd we are going to advertise our club to a yearly historical gaming event that takes place in Funabori on the Toei Shinjuku line (close to Chiba). We are going to play a larger WW2 game to try to attract new blood for teh club. If anyone is interested in joining in and actively promoting the club, please feel welcome and contact me.

I also managed to book the rooms until December, please check the dates.

November 13th - 7th floor Kitchen Room

December 3rd - 7th floor Sosaku Shitsu Room (next to the kitchen) THIS IS A SATURDAY

I would suggest if you plan for a larger game please let us know in advance for November since the room is a little small.

Looking forward to meet yall.



  1. Hello Giovanni;
    Of course, it will cooperate on the 22nd.
    Does it use, although there is a model of a river?
    It seems that that direction has how many interest for the moment.
    Details are connected by e-mail.


    I think that December 3 is Saturday?

    My one battalion of the France army completes by it.

  2. Hello,

    I am host of wargame convention at Funabori on Oct.22.
    I have been watching and enjoy this blog for long time.
    And I can see you at last :-).

    I am looking forward to seeing you and your game!

  3. @Sada, I hae a river, it is not the best river since it is straight and light blue, but I think it should do for the game. Great to hear that you have been painting the french battalion! Robert will be very happy!!!
    I will check the date again, I might have got it wrong!and I will confirm.

    @Takasawasan, Looking forward to meet, and definitely play together, we are going to let people play with us and try out if they like the game. It will be a Germans Vs Russians a classic setting for WW2.

    See you then.


  4. I'm free on Saturday the 22nd. How can I help?

  5. Still more, it will be tomorrow.
    It is a start to 13:00.
    May 1800mmx2400mm be sufficient as a battlefield (game area)?

  6. Can't make tomorrow, but I hope to be able to bring Russian and Japanese naval for the December game.