Friday, July 9, 2010

Next Games Day 24th of July


The West Tokyo Wargamers are going to have their monthly gathering for July on the 24th.

We plan to play Blitzkrieg Commander, Axis &Allies Pacific, and anything else people wants to play.

Looking forward to see many of you!


  1. Hey there Giovanni, it's Josh from Keith's group. You posted on JIGG that you were having an event on the 24th... was just wondering the details... what time, where etc. I have a bunch of Flames models I can use for any WWII games you guys are playing. maybe contact me at

  2. Josh you are welcome to come. we do not plan to play FOW but if you wnt to try a naval game and perhaps some boardgames please feel free to join us. I think next time we will be playing more WW2 but the scale is a bit different, but again if you are happy to play with our figures you are welcome!


  3. Hi,
    First time here, have been looking around for a group. I am interested in Miniature Gaming, have not yet played. I would like to join you guys on Saturday if it is ok. I live south of Yokohama, but will have no problem finding you, just will be a long trip, as nothing runs direct between us :)


  4. We start at 1pm!! zehi kite ne!