Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preparing for "Black Powder"

"Mes enfants, bientôt vous verrez l'éléphant!

Under the watchful eye of its general, the 1/28e Regt. Légère drills to a state of perfection in preparation for its first combat against les rosbifs.

I'm trying to squeeze in as much painting time as I can get so as to help us put together a small- and hopefully balanced- force for our first game.

To augment Achilleas' brigade of French, I'll be bringing a battalion of light infantry, a six-pounder gun, and some casualty figures as markers.  I'm hoping that I might be able to get twelve chasseurs au cheval painted to a standard where they at least won't be too ashamed to take the field (French light cavalry officers are fussy about appearances!).

And of course I will bring my general, GdB Victor-Eugène Sardanapalus Bouillon-Cantinat.  

For the Allies, I'll have a Russian horse artillery licorne howitzer and maybe a few companies of Jagers.  A small boost for Matt's British.  I very much doubt I'll be able to get any Russian cavalry done in time.

We are probably okay for terrain pieces.  I'll bring a few 28mm buildings,  a small wood, and maybe a hill. Enough for a simple scenario in order to try out the rule mechanisms. 

However, as Brian and Giovanni are going to be playing a WW2 game at the same time, the problem will be finding a terrain cloth.  If anyone has a suitable piece of cloth they can bring, let me know before I start shopping for one!


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