Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photos of the carnage; Part 1

Some pictures from Sunday's games day.  We had a great turnout, with some new members, many regulars, and as Giovanni mentioned some great games; 20mm WWII in the Western European theatre using Blitzkrieg Commander, a modern air war boardgame featuring a scenario set during one of the Indo-Pakistani wars, and our clubs first foray into the Napoleonic Wars using Black Powder and 28mm miniatures.

Here are some shots of the WWII game.  This was Peter's first time with us, and he made his debut in grand style, bringing his exquisite collection of buildings and vehicles.

Our WWII games had always been short on buildings, so we were more than happy (and impressed!) to see that we suddenly found ourselves not just with more buildings, but an entire village!  The statue in the town centre was a real eye-catcher.  In addition Brian's fiancé, Ayu, painted one of the Italeri buildings (the one top left),  so we were well off for scenery for a change.  Perhaps some roads and a railway track for the next game?  Next time I'll try to get more close ups- these really are lovely models.

Giovanni had been having fun with his airbrush recently, and this King Tiger made a big "canvas" to work on!  This was one of a number of pre-built kits that he and I had picked up during a recent sale at Hobby Link Japan.  This particular kit was pretty unexceptional, but Giovanni's paint job has really improved it.
Peter's son looks on in disdain at Brian's grasp of tactics.  Brian brought his rapidly-growing collection of Allied armour, including some very useful trucks and halftracks.

A sea of German yellow and airbrushing gone wild as German panzers assault the Allies in the village.  
"When we was in the bocage country,
we was assaulted by them Tigers.
You know what I mean by 'assaulted'?
Well, I mean ASSAULTED!"
-Moriarty (always with them negative waves.) 

I'm not sure who won, but with King Tigers and Churchill Crocodiles, I'm willing to bet it was a pretty nasty fight.

The next post, I'll put up pictures of the Napoleonic game.


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