Thursday, October 7, 2010

Next Games Day: October 24th

Hi All,

The 24th of October we are going to have another exciting gaming session.

This time I managed to book a bigger room so we can space out.

Anyone is invited to bring their game, if you wish to come with a friend and play a game, you are more than welcome.

We have not yet any specific plan for games, but most likely we will have a Napoleonic game and a World War 2 game going on, hopefully also some boardgames.

I hope to see you soon.



  1. I can get spaced out in any size of room!

    I'm definitely up for another Black Powder Napoleonic game if Achilleas and Matt are available.

  2. by the way I forgot that Andrew and Darren are going to play a Star Wars game in 28MM.
    So this is available to participants too.



  3. YEs Confermed 1 PM! see you Sunday